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Call for Papers: The Anorexia Enigma at the Interface between Philosophy and Psychology

The Anorexia Enigma at the Interface between Philosophy and Psychology

Call for papers

Anorexia Nervosa (AN) has not received much attention in philosophical research. The current literature on AN includes a wide range of empirical, clinical, socio-cultural, and (bio)ethical reflections, but little theoretical and epistemological investigation. The upcoming volume will examine the perceptual and cognitive factors that contribute to AN and the effects of their interactions or penetrability.

The boundary between perception and belief is never clear-cut. Distortions of bodily schemas and

Justin Garson - “Madness: A Philosophical Exploration”

Madness: A Philosophical Exploration is a new book by philosopher Justin Garson published on March 22, 2022 by Oxford University Press.

Madness: A Philosophical Exploration


Book Description:

Since the time of Hippocrates, madness has typically been viewed through the lens of disease, dysfunction, and defect. Madness, like all other disease, happens when something in the mind, or in the brain, does not operate the way that it should or as nature intended. In this paradigm, the role of the healer is simply to find the dysfunction and fix it. This remains the dominant perspective in global psychiatry today.

In Madn

BJPS Book Review: Towards a Philosophical Approach to Psychiatry



Dominic Murphy and Alexander Pereira review the book Towards a Philosophical Approach to Psychiatry: The Writings of Kenneth Kendler, edited by Kenneth Kendler and Peter Zachar (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019) for the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science:


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