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Philosophy of Psychiatry Newsletter is a collaborative effort between the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP) and the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry (INPP). 

The purpose of the newsletter is to spread the word about the professional activities and honors within our scholarly community.

The newsletter includes:

1. Publications in the philosophy of psychiatry.
2. News items, interviews, and media
3. A list of honors, awards, promotions, and so on
4. Upcoming conferences and workshops open to participants, funding opportunities
5. New jobs or new positions, or other changes
6. In memoriam section where we list recently deceased members and/or people who contributed to the philosophy of psychiatry
7. Newly available publisher discounts and/or recent price changes for philosophy of psychiatry books. 

To be added to the newsletter distribution list or to submit content, please contact Peter Zachar at

Archive of Philos. Psychiatry Newsletter Issues:
(formerly AAPP Newsletter)

The contents of the newsletter are dependent on what people on the INPP and AAPP mail lists report and do not constitute a comprehensive bibliography.

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